What are ADEMs?

ADEM, or Assembly District Election Meetings, are bi-annual intra-party elections where California Democrats who reside in a given Assembly District can gather to choose 14 delegates to the annual state convention, and one executive board representative who attends state party meetings between conventions.

The delegates are split equally between self-identified females and other than self-identified females.

You must be a registered Democrat in that district to vote, and you can register and/or change party preference anytime before requesting your ballot.

Why are ADEMs important?

Delegates to the state Democratic Party can change the direction of the party through passing resolutions, electing party leadership, and choosing whom the party endorses. By choosing progressives to represent your district, you are empowering them to move the party left on critical issues, including healthcare reform, climate action, and criminal justice reform, just to name a few.

How do I participate?

Due to the pandemic, CADEM is running the ADEM elections differently this time. First, you must request a ballot to be mailed to you. Then, once you receive it, you will need to return it by the deadline for your vote to count.

  1. Request ballot online.

  2. Ballot will be mailed to you in January.

  3. Return the ballot by mail before deadline.

What district do I reside in?

If you live in Assembly District 23, you can vote for us.